Hello, my name is Tala!  So nice to meet you.  I’m a self taught independent jewelry maker living in sunny South Florida who loves creating all sorts of things with my hands.  I also love baking, crochet, knitting & weaving.  

I want to say it began with making mud pies for the imaginary guests at Christmas time with my new barbie castle…who knew!  Traveling has had an enormous effect on my view of this motion picture movie we call life.  

I have seen some of the most beautiful forests, rivers, gullies, mountains & oceans.  It is then I reconnected with nature and a desire to work with it’s minerals & resources was re-born!  

Native to the tropics, my element is saturated with color, wildlife & culture;  there’s no surprise why I’m drawn to stones, crystals, gemstones and natural fibers.  So I quite enjoy infusing them into my personal life & craft.  One doesn’t need to look far for inspiration when you have a Canon. 


My blog will be mostly a repository of creative expression, to document my growth & ideas.  Sort of a record of my life and work.  Virtually 99 % of my craft is made with my hands using obvious lightweight tools.  This means that each piece is quite unique with it’s own finish, color and style.  No two are exactly the same.  As a creator I am always learning new methods and techniques that I may expand my creative reach.  

As I continue to build content on my website & archive old data, I ask that you have patience with me as I am also the site developer.  It is a continuous work in progress and hope you enjoy my space on the web!

So that’s my “about me”, feel free to look around and if you have any questions Feel free to direct message me here.

Light & Love,



The Earth is the common link we all universally share.  Embodying a lifestyle that aligns your body with the energy of the Earth, will harvest inner vibrations at the highest level…LOVE!